• Kilimanjaro National Park

    Day Hike to Kilimanjaro National Park. Choose between Machame or Marangu Route.

  • Machare Coffee & Tea Tour  

    Certified Organic Coffee, discover the coffee fields and production in the factory. 

  • Maasai Village and Museum

    Explore Olpopongi Village, the first Maasai Boma with a museum and facilities in TZ.

  • Arusha National Park

    Get the taste of  Safari, where you can catch: giraffes, zebras, gazelles, buffaloes, and more.

  • Machame Walk

    Day walk into Machame, discovering the Weru Weru river and it's beautiful waterfall.

  • Tarangire Park

    Get a chance to see the amazing wildlife in Tanzania in a low-budget day Safari.

  • Hot Springs

    Spend the day in the beautiful Hot Springs of Chemka, close to Moshi. 

  • Ngorongoro Park

    Make your way to the one of the best parks in Tanzania to see wildlife.

From $ p.p*

From 180$ p.p*

From $ p.p*

From $ p.p*


  • Safari at Serengeti National Park

    4 days Safari in Seregenti.

    This Safari is very special as it will gives you a great opportunity to explore the Big Migration in a short time. 

    From $ p.p**

  • Safari Northern Tanzanian Parks

    8 days safari will allow you to witness the best of the wildlife experiences as you traverse the northern circuit in your Tanzania Safari.

    From $ p.p**

  • Safari+Hadzabe Tribe

    6 days safari,  with

     uncountable elephants in Tarangire NP, rhinos in Ngorongoro and a hunt with the Hadzabe bushmen.

    From $ p.p**

* Rates for a minimum of 2 adults. **Rates for a minimum of 5 adults.

From $ p.p*

From 475$ p.p*

From $ p.p*

From $ p.p*

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