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Kaliwa Lodge has expanded. Enjoy our spacious new rooms with stunning views up to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and down over the lush forest canopy into the plunging Weru Weru River Valley, with the Blue  Mountains visible in the distance. The experience is one of being above the tree canopy, surrounded by nature. The mountain-facing balconies, full-wall windows and subtle decor impart a deep sense of tranquility and calm. The rooms will be complemented by our new restaurant, serving our well-known blend of Tanzanian and Asian fusion cuisine.

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Kaliwa Lodge has 5 large bungalows dotted across the edge of the Weru Weru Valley,  running up behind the lodge’s reception and restaurant area.  New, each bungalow has 5 king size beds and two additional single beds tucked away as a comfortable sofa, if not needed.  Each with an en suite with shower, floors with locally woven rugs, a fire place for cozy chillier evenings and new wooden furniture, locally made are included in these pleasant modern 52 sq rooms.

Bungalows A & B can be used seperately as well as a interconnecting family room, with a wooden door separating the rooms.

The large wooden terrace invites you to have the best views over the Mount Kilimanjaro rainforest and its peak in the golden evening sun.



THE VIEW OF Mount Kilimanjaro (Kilima Njaro or “shining mountain” in Swahili), the highest point in Africa, reaches 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) above sea level, tall enough to maintain a permanent snow cap despite being just 330 kilometers (210 miles) south of the equator. It is the tallest free-standing mountain on the Earth’s land surface, rising about 4,600 meters (15,000 feet) above the surrounding plain. Kilimanjaro is a triple volcano (has three peaks) that last erupted perhaps more than 100,000 years ago.

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