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At Kaliwa, we work to ensure that our lodge promotes conservation of the natural and human environment in which we are located.


Energy Conservation


  • Solar run (90%)

  • Use of energy saving light bulbs

  • Encouragement of a 'switch off policy'

  • Printing whenever necessary on recycled paper

  • Regular boiler checks

  • Purchase of energy efficient equipment

  • In-house water-bottling system

Recycling and Waste Reduction


  • Use of recycled or recyclable products whenever possible

  • re-useable glass bottles, significantly reducing our wastage and carbon footprint

Limiting Water Consumption 


  • We endeavor to keep washing loads to a minimum by reducing the number of towels washed, and washing only with full loads. 

  • We are vigilant about good maintenance, which helps to prevent waste through, eg, leaking taps.

  • Grey water system (water being reused for flushing toilets)

Responsible Purchasing & Integration of Local Farmers


  • Use of local products to support the local community and to reduce the detrimental environmental impact caused through travel 

  • Development of our own vegetable garden 

  • Increasing responsible purchasing to include sourcing products from ethical suppliers and local farmers

  • Use of Fair Trade, organic and certified products whenever possible

Guest contribution 


  • We give guests the option to not have their towels laundered daily

  • We request that equipment not be left on standby or charging for prolonged periods



We welcome suggestions from our guests that will enhance our sustainability.

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