Energy Conservation

  • Installation of Solar panels for the provision of hot water

  • Use of Energy Saving bulbs

  • Encourage a “switch off policy” with staff and guests

  • Endeavour to print literature on recycled paper

  • Regular boiler checks

  • Purchasing of energy efficient equipment


  Reducing Waste Recycle/Re-use

  • Use fabric napkins as much as possible not paper ones

  • Use recycled products wherever possible

  • Move towards using environmentally friendly cleaning materials, and Micro fibre cloths

  • Recycle Kitchen oils

  • Future aim is to  have our own in-house water bottling system for guests whereby filtered water is supplied in branded re-useable glass bottles, significantly reducing our glass bottle wastage and carbon footprint


  Water Consumption

  • Laundry, by reducing the quantity of towels we wash, we reduce water consumption, energy and use of detergents

  • Good maintenance – mending leaking taps

  • Full loads in washing machines


   Responsible purchasing (to reduce the                    environmental impact of the

   hotel caused through travel)

  • Use of all local products

  • Development of our own vegetable garden

  • Develop and increase responsible purchasing methods to include sourcing products using suppliers that maintain ethical practices

  • The use of  Fair Trade, Organic and certified products where possible

  Guest contribution

  • Laundry, we give guests the option to not have their towels Laundered everyday

  • We request for equipment not to be left on standby or prolonged charging

  • We are open to any suggestions from guests that will aid our sustainability