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Kaliwa began in 2005 as the vision of two German architects who were inspired to combine the minimalist lines of modernist Bauhaus architecture with the ancient contours and lush natural abundance of Kilimanjaro. The juxtaposition is striking, and for our family - Thilo (a journalist and long-time Africa correspondent), Bianca (a photographer) and our two children, Arthur and Sophie - it was love at first sight. We had lived in Thailand, in Kenya and in our native Germany, and had travelled widely in Africa and beyond. But after seeing Kaliwa, we knew immediately that we wanted to put our energies into making it our home - a place where we could offer our guests the opportunity to experience northern Tanzania's beauty while enjoying high standards of hospitality. In 2012, we pulled up our roots and headed southwards.

From our Tanzanian fusion cuisine, to the Hemingway-esque Kilimanjaro Papa's Whiskey Bar, to the lodge's linear architecture set against the backdrop of Kilimanjaro's undulating slopes - we feel Kaliwa reflects who we are, while at the same time mirroring the richness and traditions of the surrounding community.

We have spent many months living at Kaliwa, and working with our dedicated employees to make it our own. Many of our staff have been at Kaliwa from the beginning. We join with them in warmly welcoming you to our little piece of paradise. Together, we will endeavor to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

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